Grapa Varieties have awarded the British Jupiter Group rights to the exclusive production and marketing of the Arra variety table grape in India.

The business made the list of the UK’s top performing private mid-market companies, after achieving average annual sales growth of 107.23% for the last two years.

The group, which has successfully trialled the Arra varieties in the region, is excited to see larger scale plans come to life. A volume harvest is expected in 2020 for export to global markets.

“It’s great to see the relationship we have with Grapa develop as we expand our Indian supply as growers. To have physical control right from variety generation through to the consumer retailer offers a transparency that reflects our core values as a business,” said Jupiter CEO Mark Tweddle.

“I believe the development of the Arra varieties will positively change the demand for Indian grapes and bring the market into its own as a key supply in the annual table grape supply calendar.

Sharing a common vision and values, Jupiter Group and Grapa Varieties have been collaborating globally for several years.

“We are proud of our strengthening relationship. The Jupiter Group, in just a few years, will become the largest producer and marketer of Arra grapes worldwide,” said Grapa CEO, Rafi Karniel.

Karniel said it was an honour for Grapa Varieties to be the first table grape breeding programme to enter India. – Press release