“What makes a great wine great?” ask Madeline Puckette and Carlo Mondavi in their article, The Science behind Great Wine, published on the Wine Folly website. The secret is to grow the right grapes in the right area, in what author Greg Jones calls the Goldilocks zone for winegrowing. Dr. Victoria Carey classified natural terroir units (NTUs) in her doctoral dissertation in an attempt to delimitate denominations of origin. An NTU is defined as a unit of land characterised by relatively homogenous topography, climate, geological substrate and soil. In her study, a total of 1 389 NTUs were identified in the 84 000 ha Stellenbosch Wine of Origin district alone. It’s therefore prudent to remember you can’t make blanket statements about grape suitability for certain areas as every site in a macroclimate differs on a microclimate level. Click here to read the full article. – Vinpro