In a 5 000 square foot garage with only three workers, Craig Sloan helped establish Grain Systems (GSI) in 1972 and began manufacturing a wide variety of corrugated steel storage bins. Though GSI started out as one of the smallest steel storage bin manufacturers, by 1988 it was one of the largest in the world.

Today, GSI is the world’s largest manufacturer of steel farm bins, commercial storage grain bins and grain silos, providing farmers and processing facilities a single source for all their grain equipment needs, ensuring quality equipment and services to over 70 countries worldwide.

Why GSI? The answer is simple. Today’s production requirements demand systems that excel in performance and are reliable year after year. In addition, our easy installation, maintenance, simple operation, durability, flexibility, and operation efficiency are all carefully considered in the design and construction of every GSI product manufactured.
Our goal is to identify and react to the needs of the industry with quality products that help you achieve maximum return on your investment, so we’ve created the most technologically advanced grain dryers and systems in the industry to do just that. Our large selection of material handling systems, including grain bin sweeps, spreaders, chain loop systems, commercial bucket elevators, conveyors, support towers, and catwalks, all work together to streamline your business.

GSI: A worldwide leader
Years of hard work powered by a single vision to design and deliver world-class products have built this company from the ground up. For more than 40 years, it is this dedication and commitment that have resulted in GSI becoming the world’s number one manufacturer of grain bins.

GSI has been a worldwide leader in the grain bin industry for over 40 years. GSI has all the resources and expertise to provide you with the grain storage system and accessories that meet your specific requirements.

GSI conditioning equipment utilises industry proven drying principles and technologically advanced controls, resulting in high performance and simple to operate drying systems.

GSI material handling equipment is engineered to perform and is built tough enough for years of reliable service. It is highly corrosion resistant.

GSI supports agriculture around the globe with the most extensive global manufacturing footprint and dealer network in our industry. We bring our customers local solutions with global expertise.

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