Hinterland Fuels consists of approximately 55 filling stations, most of them located at Hinterland branches. These filling stations supply diesel and petrol, as well as paraffin in some cases.

Hinterland filling stations are currently undergoing a transformation due to the roll-out of the Hinterland Fuels trademark. This includes brand new uniforms for petrol attendants, a replacement schedule for old pumps and plans to upgrade infrastructure. Plans are also underway to launch convenience stores at filling stations to enhance our offer to consumers even further.

The company’s main fuel supplier is Engen, and with good reason. There are a myriad of new trademarks popping up that are systematically replacing established trademarks, especially in rural areas. The product offered at these filling stations may originate from different sources – it may be locally refined, imported and sometimes mixed. The specifications of these products may therefore differ from one batch to the next.

Through Hinterland’s relationship with Engen, consumers are guaranteed a top-quality product that complies with SANS 342/2016 standards and includes Engen’s additives for Dynamic Diesel.

Cleaner and better

In line with the Clean Fuels 2 initiative, Hinterland Fuels will soon phase out 500ppm diesel. This initiative is aimed at improving air quality and ensuring that South African fuel is suited to the latest technological engine developments. The fuel offer will centre around Engen Dynamic Diesel 50ppm, which contains only 10% of the sulphur content of 500ppm. It is suitable for older diesel engines and will require no adjustments for the transition.

Fuel consumption is mainly determined by the condition of the engine and other external factors. This diesel can also be mixed with the products of other trademarks, although it may impact the efficiency of the additives parcel.

For Hinterland, it is not only about supplying the best possible product to consumers, but also about environmental conservation. “Hinterland is an agricultural company and the conservation of the environment is therefore very important to us. If we improve the welfare of our community, we honour our responsibility to do our part for a better environment,” explains Derek Wolmarans, manager of Hinterland Fuels.

Better additives

Additives are very important, although consumers often do not have enough knowledge about this matter. The additives parcel is multifunctional and consists of deposit control components that will immediately start to repair an engine’s lost power. It includes a cleaning agent that removes carbon deposits in the engine, an anti-corrosion agent, a demulsifier and technology that decreases foam formation so that tanks can be filled faster.

The lubrication capacity of fuels with a lower sulphur content must be considered since lubrication capacity decreases as sulphur content is lowered. Lubrication is critically important for the functioning of diesel pumps and injectors. In the case of Engen Dynamic Diesel, lubrication capacity is adjusted by a component in the additives parcel.

Modern diesel engine tolerances make a cleaning agent absolutely necessary to keep injectors clean. This is important in order to maintain the spray pattern and optimal diesel consumption and to ensure clean combustion. – Press release

For more information contact Derik Wolmeraans at derik.wolmeraans@hinterland via email, or call him on 018 464 7353.

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