The immigrant engineer, Arthur Collins decided that South Africa was where he wanted to spend his life and, during the Royal Show in 1928, introduced the very first Hippo hammer mill to the country.

The mill was named after Hubert, a hippopotamus who became famous after travelling from Natal through the Eastern Cape while feasting on maize and leaving his tracks everywhere. Hubert was eventually declared crown game but, despite his status, was shot in 1932. His killers were fined 25 pounds each and were despised by Hubert’s fans.

Hippo Mills, however, kept his legacy alive and today these mills are still munching away at maize and numerous other products – agricultural and industrial.

The legend lives on

Hippo Mills retains and increases its market share against low-quality mills from the East, Brazil and other countries by simply being Hippo, with its characteristic bolted (rather than welded) and cast iron wearable parts, dust control, import of mechanically controlled products, etc. This “mill for a lifetime” even comes with a three-year guarantee.

ABC Hansen is the manufacturer of Hippo Mills and this year plans to hold a special 90-year celebration at the Royal Show. Everyone who has ever had or still owns a Hippo Mill, can visit the website, and share their unique Hippo experiences with us – especially how a Hippo Mill has changed their own or the lives of those near to them. Or simply tell us how a Hippo Mill shares in your day to day endeavours.

The finalists will be taken to Pietermaritzburg by ABC Hansen on the company’s cost on 26 May, for a special function and the handing over of a Hippo Mill to the establishment or community selected by the winner.

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