How to protect a pig farm from ASF


African swine fever (ASF) is the most worrying of the virus diseases at present, writes management expert John Gadd. Due to mandatory restrictions on pig meat trade in affected areas, this restricts income and wrecks cash flow, both of which can close pig businesses at all levels. What can farm owners do?

There has been much written about ASF recently, so why add to the pile of information? Gadd says he has been around long enough to have been in the front line of several foot-and-mouth disease and classical swine fever outbreaks, where a lot of mistakes were made in getting both viral outbreaks sufficiently and quickly enough under control. Mistakes of unawareness rather than ignorance. Because even in the early stages, the advice on how to stem the flood of infection was there but insufficiently acted upon at farm level.

We must not make the same errors again. And there are signs that we are doing so. Click here to read what processes need to be done by the ordinary pig producer of any size or shape to prevent ASF on their farm. – Pig Progress