India is in the process of identifying and registering different types of livestock breeds that can be found in the country. India has a large diversity of breeds and currently only 169 breeds have been captured and registered. This list includes 41 breeds of cows, 13 buffalo breeds, 42 of sheep, 28 goats, 7 each of pigs and one breed of duck as well as 18 breeds of poultry which includes chicken and ducks. Director of the National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources (NBAGR), Arjava Sharma says the DNA profiling of the breeds is done through physical characteristics. According to Sharma, the government is concerned about bio-piracy of Indian breeds, where foreign breeders improve a breed, then sell the semen on the market, claiming it as a different breed. This process of registering breeds will in turn help the local meat industry with quality meat and increased production. – Global Meat News

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