In keeping with its theme of Innovation for Competitive Agriculture SIMA will be showcasing two spaces offering centre stage to 34 young companies and to innovation and new technology for the farming world. The first of these areas, located in hall 4, will be dedicated to Start-up Villages in partnership with La Ferme Digitale. The second, in hall 6, will be devoted to the Innovation Village. SIMA runs from 24 February to 28 February at the Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre.

Designed as special exhibition features, the Start-up Villages will be located in hall 4, at the heart of the precision farming sector. The aim of the Start-up Villages is to act as a springboard for young companies. This year’s show will host twice as many companies as last year’s show.


Organised by La Ferme Digitale, an independent association which promotes innovation and digital technology for efficient, sustainable agriculture. Programme subject to change. Speakers to be confirmed.

15:00 – 16:15 Innovation as a creator of social cohesion: a new factor in economic and civic growth?

Changes in lifestyles and consumption patterns in recent decades have tended to break down existing social links, both horizontally (between consumers) and vertically (between producer, distributor and consumer). The new, sharing patterns of consumption and the desire for quality and transparency – trends resulting from a new globalised civic awareness – are leading to the re-creation of these links. What are the economic and societal impacts? What answers does innovation offer in these ever-changing markets?

Start-up Villages, hall 4

15:00 – 16:15 Digital inclusion, popularisation of tools: a new challenge for tomorrow’s agriculture.

Is digital technology available to every farmer? Are telephony and the internet tools to increase competence? How can use of the internet as a tool for farmers’ social and economic integration be sustained in the long term? Connected sensors, artificial intelligence, decision-making tools: what about good old common sense in all of this? What if this technology could offer us ways to better understand the environment around us?

Start-up Villages, hall 4

  Agricultural data from space to earth via drones: exploring complementarities

Everything provides data: satellites, drones, capacitive probes, onboard sensors on agricultural machinery, etc. Do we have to choose, compare or even combine them? Is data management the next challenge for European agricultural policies?

Start-up Villages, hall 4

  The enhanced farmer: a disconnected or re-connected farmer?

‘We are moving from intensive agriculture in terms of input use to intensive agriculture in terms of knowledge use.’ H. Pillaud

To succeed, today’s farmers need to be agronomists, economists, communicators, managers, business leaders and so on. Do they also need to become data scientists? Data, a new challenge for the world in general, and for the agricultural sector in particular. A vast array of data is being created, both agricultural and non-agricultural. But do we know how to tame it, put it to use and create added value on the simple scale of our farms?

Start-up Villages, hall 4

11:30 – 14:00h Tweet-Apéro

Whether you’re a professional, a militant consumer, an exhibitor or just a curious visitor, why not join us for a friendly tweet-up over drinks on this final day of the show and find out about the agricultural innovations of today and tomorrow. An exclusive event for exchanging ideas with the influencers of the agricultural world that is innovative, connected… and positive.

Start-up Villages, hall 4


Innovation village

This area aims to be both forward-looking and in touch with the current needs of farmers and manufacturers. To illustrate the current main trends in agriculture, this village will host and group together in a single space:

The SIMA Innovation Awards, thanks to innovative digital scenography, visitors and exhibitors will be able to discover or rediscover the winning products from a new perspective. The 2 Gold medals, 5 Silver medals and 20 Bronze medals in this 2019 vintage once again illustrate the underlying trends in the sector.

Profiles of innovative farmers (in partnership with Nuffield, AgrOnov and the French Chambers of Agriculture) highlighting initiatives and new practices developed by French and international professionals. Selected for their innovative nature and for their convincing results, these profiles are intended to inspire every visitor and exhibitor attending the show.

SIMA is about the men and women who contribute to its success. This year, SIMA will pay a daily tribute to them on its Instagram page @sima worldwide using the hashtag #WEARESIMA. This is where to find profiles of the exhibitors, designers, manufacturers, distributors, dealers, farmers, breeders, partners and journalists who help to make SIMA an unmissable event in the farming calendar.

The Foresight Forum: what is the lifecycle and creative cycle of an innovation? From initial idea to product launch, through design, experimentation and testing, SIMA will invite visitors and exhibitors to get involved in creating an innovation, give their opinions, attend demonstrations and test out new practices.

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