Producers’ intentions to plant summer crops are based on the results of a non-probability survey conducted by the Directorate: Statistics and Economic Analysis of the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and reflects the position as at the middle of October 2018.

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Commercial maize

According to the results of the survey, commercial producers intend to plant 2,448 million hectares of maize for 2019, which is 5,6% or 129 550 hectares more than the 2 319 million hectares planted last season.

The figures show that producers intend to plant 1,373 million hectares to white maize, which is 105 300 hectares (8,3%) more than in the previous season. In the case of yellow maize, the expected plantings are 1,075 million hectares, which is 24 250 hectares (2,3%) more than in the previous season.

Producers indicated that more maize, especially white maize, will be planted for the 2019 season, mainly due to crop rotation practices.

Sunflower seed

In the case of sunflower seed, the expected area to be planted is estimated at 575 000 hectares, which is 4,4% or 26 500 hectares less than the 601 500 hectares planted last season.

Other crops 

The intended plantings of soya beans shows an increase of 8,2% or 64 600 hectares compared to the previous season – from 787 200 hectares to 851 800 hectares. The expected plantings of groundnuts will decrease by 11,2% or 6 300 hectares, from 56 300 hectares to 50 000 hectares.

The intended plantings of sorghum are expected to increase by 49,3% or 14 200 hectares to 43 000 hectares, compared to the previous season.  The expected plantings of dry beans is estimated at 60 000 hectares, which is 12,4% or 6 640 hectares more than in the previous season.

Please note that the preliminary area planted estimate for summer grains for 2019 will be released on 29 January 2019.  – CEC Report