“An agriculture boom is forming,” said Jim Rogers, American businessman and investor, who intends to invest more in agriculture than in Amazon.com Inc. This is according to a recent article that appeared on The Edge Markets.

According to Rogers, agricultural product “prices are hitting bottom now, and that they will rebound soon as supply would not be able to keep pace with demand growth”. Against such a backdrop, he anticipates rising inflation would be the byproduct that would come along with the climb in crop prices.

He is also of the opinion that agricultural products will decline since there will be less farmers. “The average age of an American farmer is 58, the average age in Japan is 68. And do you know that the highest suicide rate in the UK is in the agricultural sector?

“There will be an imbalance in the future between demand and supply in agricultural commodities, and that will drive prices higher,” Rogers said. Rogers suggests that to invest in agriculture, one can either invest in futures contracts of commodities such as sugar, or one may consider investing directly in plantation of such commodities. – The Edge Markets

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