John Boulle

John Boulle has joined the Taurus Evolution management team as the new national technical advisor for the beef and dairy industries.

Boulle is a qualified animal scientist and has extensive experience of more than 40 years in the livestock industry. He started his career in 1981 at the Taurus A.I Co-operative in Irene, Gauteng as a beef sire analyst. He continued working in the artificial insemination industry with Carnation Genetics, which became Landmark then Alta Genetics, as an independent agent for these US companies in South Africa. He also worked with other international semen suppliers in Europe and the UK.

Boulle, a qualified livestock judge, has been privileged to judge the Charolais National Championships in South Africa, as well as in Zimbabwe and a multi-breed show in Uganda. More recently he has judged various regional shows in the Angus industry, acted as a junior interbreed judge, and judged the Dewetsdorp Veldskou.

Early in 2003 Boulle was contracted by Danida to manage a training programme for ranch managers including a production project on the ranch for three years in Uganda.

Boulle served the SA Angus Breed Society as breed director for 13 years. His hard work established the breed in the beef industry and set up SA Angus Beef as a benchmark for meat quality in South Africa.

Boulle will be available to all Taurus Evolution clients to assist with the selection and inspection of their breeding material. He is based in the Bloemfontein office and may be contacted at  076 604 4900 or – Press release