Two years after construction began, Kangnas Wind Farm has successfully reached its commercial operations date. This makes it the first bid window four (BW4) wind farm in the Northern Cape, to come on stream as part of government’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP).

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Situated outside Springbok, this wind farm will provide enough clean power to 154 625 average South African households. It is expected to generate over 513GWh of renewable energy during each year of its 20-year operations period.

Constructed by a proudly South African team, mostly from the local Nama Khoi Municipal area, this mega 140MW wind project comprises 61 turbines. Furthermore, it is one of twelve wind farms to be constructed in this REIPPPP procurement round.

“These projects will collectively add 1,3GW of new wind power capacity to the country’s national grid. This at a time when South Africa needs more available energy to support the rebuilding of the country in a post-COVID era,” said Manie Kotzé, construction project manager of Kangnas Wind Farm.

Creating social resilience and local capacity

Following industry trends, as set up by the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy’s local component requirements, the wind farm achieved high local component levels, exceeding 45%. This includes both locally manufactured turbine towers as well as the project’s mega transformer. Sourcing local components helps to drive the demand for local manufacturers to offer items previously only available through import.

The communities of Nababeep, Springbok, Concordia, Matjieskloof, Bergsig, Okiep and Carolusberg are the direct beneficiaries of development programmes. These programmes are designed to create social resilience and local capacity. The wind farm has already been active during the construction period and will continue to benefit these communities throughout the operations period.

“As we enter this new phase, we are pleased to note that a number of our impactful development programmes are already in place, all of which drive socio-economic and enterprise development initiatives, in support of local communities,” added Christo Loots, construction programme manager of Kangnas Wind Farm.

Eliminating greenhouse gas emissions

Construction commenced during June 2018. As with all the wind farms that were under construction at the time of the country’s national COVID-19 lockdown, construction at this Northern Cape wind farm was halted and picked up the pace again after 19May 2020.

This renewable power facility will also help the country reduce its greenhouse carbon emissions. It will eliminate approximately 550 000 tons of carbon emissions each year (compared to traditional fossil fuel power plants).

Only one other wind farm is set to commence commercial operations during 2020, namely Perdekraal East Wind Farm, in the Western Cape’s town of Ceres. It is owned by the same equity partners as Kangnas Wind Farm.

Further information is available on the Kangnas Wind Farm website. – Press release, Kangnas Wind Farm