The Cape of Good Hope SPCA Wildlife Team is currently on post-fire Recovery and Rescue. Team members have been on standby for the last 24 hours. They are currently working with fire and rescue teams sweeping scorched areas for injured wildlife.

The SPCA has asked members of the public to keep a look out for wild, or domestic, animals that may be in distress and to contact them immediately if they see distressed animals. The organisation has also asked that people leave out flat water trays to help dehydrated animals.

“Thanks to the valiant and incredibly brave efforts of the City of Cape Town’s Fire and Rescue services, last night’s terrifying blaze across Lion’s Head and Signal Hill has been kept under control.

We are deeply grateful to these brave men and women for putting themselves in the line of danger to ensure the safety of people and animals,” said a statement issued by the SPCA.

The SPCA has received no reports of affected domestic animals but the organisation is certain that many wild animals would have fallen victim to the fast moving flames that swept across the Table Mountain National Park.

“Trainee wildlife inspectors Edward Julius and Larry Liversage have been working alongside the fire and rescue teams to sweep the area and help injured animals, many of which could still surface during the next few days,” said the statement.

Report animals in distress to the CoGH SPCA on 021 700 4158/9 or a/h on 083 326 1604. –  Good Things Guy

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