The Animal Feed Manufacturers’ Association and University of Pretoria’s (AFMA/UP) research and training feed mill project (FMP) has received its first official sponsorship after its launch at the AFMA Forum 2020, hosted on 4 March at Sun City. The first contribution toward the FMP was received from Kemin Industries.

As part of the marketing campaign of this unique initiative, Kemin’s logo and those of other industry partners will be displayed on the ‘FMP banner of fame’, to be displayed on the AFMA website’s home page as well as on AFMA’s social media platforms. This will include a weblink to the partner’s website to enhance the value proposition to the partner.

For the industry, by the industry

According to an MoA between AFMA and UP, AFMA will contribute towards the AFMA/UP research and training feed mill, and other equipment necessary for the establishment of the mill, by making sponsorship and contribution opportunities available to members and relevant industry role-players, paving the way for the slogan ‘for the industry, by the industry’. UP will contribute towards the site and infrastructure and will handle the operation of the mill, assisted by AFMA specialists.

Thus, companies operating across the whole feed manufacturing supply chain – from procuring the raw material to delivering the final product – are invited to step up and make a contribution towards realising the full potential of this research and training feed mill, the very first on the African continent. – Press release, AFMA