Kynoch Fertiliser, a division of Farmisco (Pty) Ltd, a leading plant nutrient producer and distributor, received Competition Commission approval on the 26 February, for the acquisition of a further 51% in Sidi Parani.  Kynoch, (through holding entity, EIHL) is now 100% shareholder of Sidi Parani.

Sidi Parani is a major role player in the liquid fertiliser industry, specifically in the Northern Cape, North West and Western Free State. Kynoch acquired the entity to create a focused, driven, economically sustainable fertiliser business. The transaction will grant Kynoch access to new markets and additional production resources and is aligned with Kynoch’s business model of enhancing efficiency through innovation.

Sidi Parani will undergo a period of planning and integration. During this period, each business will continue to operate individually to ensure that all stakeholders are comfortable with accompanying changes and employees are fully integrated and supportive of the new business model.

“There is room to build a substantial position in the fertiliser market in South Africa and Africa and the Kynoch team is looking forward to these new possibilities,” said Bruce Shuker, commercial manager at Kynoch. – Press release