Lemon volumes are picking up from the north of the country and exports to Russia, the Middle East and the Far East have commenced at satisfactory price points. The price peaks are not as pronounced as they have been in previous years because of lemon expansion and larger volumes.

Seedless lemons make up 15% to 20% of Alicedale Estate’s orchards, in Tshipise, which has been exporting seedless lemons for a while, marketing them as conventional lemons to the Far East. This season marketing of South African seedless lemons is gearing up, particularly as there is a good opportunity for the product in Europe. Shipping will start in the coming weeks, after a slight delay in colour development.

South African exporters are waiting for European supermarkets to announce the change in supplier origin. Most exporters are waiting for Spanish Verna supplies to clear out before starting their European campaign.

The October heatwave did not have a significant effect on their lemons, said Peter Nicholson of Alicedale Estates. Despite temperatures reaching highs of over 45°C, Nicholson said the extremes did not continue for long periods.

In the Eastern Cape, the lemon powerhouse of South Africa, wind has been a concern this year and this could have an impact on packouts. Click here to read the full article. – Fresh Plaza