Lemons are the only silver lining to a season in which other citrus products from South Africa have had a hard time of it in a full European summer market, says Snyman Kritzinger, managing director of Grown4U in Kirkwood, Sundays River Valley. Prices aren’t at 2015/2016 levels but demand certainly is and prices have been on the up for the last while, yielding a good return of approximately 20 Euros for nice sizes. Europe is literally waiting for every single lemon, and the lemon season has been a bit of a surprise. The South African citrus season is almost halfway through now, with shipments set to continue for a couple of months more. Suhanra Conradie of Summer Citrus of South Africa, reported that the Navel crop is more than 60% done, while later season Easy Peelers are set to begin arriving from the middle of August.  – Fresh Plaza

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