The Victor Khanye Municipality (formerly known as Delmas), recently informed the public of an outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF) in the Nkangala District, which falls outside South Africa’s ASF control area. 

ASF was diagnosed in mid-April on a small farm in the Delmas area of Mpumalanga. The farm had about 180 pigs, mainly for fattening, and a few sows bought from an auctioneer in the area. They were fed a mixture of bran and vegetable by-products from a local vegetable factory. 

On 15th April the farm experienced an unusually high mortality of 10 pigs. The farmer immediately took two of the pig carcasses to a local private veterinarian for post mortem examination. The post mortems showed lesions indicative of ASF. Samples were sent to the Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute where ASF was confirmed by PCR testing on the 17th April by the Transboundary Animal Disease Programme. 

Mpumalanga Veterinary Services immediately placed the farm under quarantine and instituted appropriate disease control methods in the area. Investigations and surveillance to establish the source of the infection, and to ensure that no other farms are infected, are ongoing. 

A protection and biosecurity zone with a radius of 3km from the infected farm, and a surveillance zone with a radius of 30km from the farm, have been set up. All pig auctions in Victor Khanye have been suspended with immediate effect. Pig farmers are advised to be extra vigilant, to enforce strict biosecurity protocols and to thoroughly decontaminate pig transport vehicles.  

The South African Pork Producers’ Organisation commends and thanks the veterinary officials involved for their timely interventions. – Press release