Richardt Venter and Prof Robin Meeske at the 18th International Silage Conference in Bonn, Germany.

The 18th International Silage Conference is held only every three years. This year saw the conference being presented in Bonn, Germany, from 24 to 26 July 2018. The previous conference held in 2015 was presented in Brazil. During the 2018 Bonn event, it was announced during the conference gala dinner that the 2021 edition will be held in Beijing, China.

South Africa was also represented at the conference, where Prof Robin Meeske from the Outeniqua Research Farm published a poster on the main findings deducted from the data of the four preceding years of South Africa’s Santam Agriculture National Silage Competition presented by Veeplaas and Stockfarm. The competition was held for the first time in 2014 and the poster represented findings from data collected from 2014 to 2017. Prof Meeske has been the chairman of the competition’s protocol committee since its inception. His co-author, Richardt Venter from AgSci Unlimited Silage Consultancy, has been one of the main co-ordinators of the competition for the last four years. Both authors attended the International Silage Conference to represent their data. – Press release