Lubrication Engineers (LE) South Africa is making its industry-leading products available in value packs designed to meet all the lubrication needs of everyday users in agriculture, boating and marine environments, among others.

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“We’re bundling smaller sizes of our product offerings to make available to customers, so they have everything they need to meet their specific lubrication requirements without having to purchase industrial-sized containers,” says Callum Ford, national marketing manager at LE South Africa. “This offers small users better value, as well as access to products they may previously not have been able to use, which will offer superior performance than generic options.”

Customised value packs to meet specific needs

Ford says customers will also be able to customise the value packs, depending on their lubrication needs. Some of the LE products available will include:

  • 8800 Monolec Ultra® Engine Oil: An SAE 15W-40 engine oil that provides exceptional extended-drain service for diesel engines in mobile equipment and stationary generators for increased fuel efficiency, dependable all-weather performance and outstanding wear protection.
  • Wirelife® Monolec® Penetrating Lubricant (2001): The perfect penetration solution to deal with rust in boating and marine wire applications. This product has excellent corrosion resistance and high load carrying (EP) properties. It penetrates to the core of wire ropes, whether they are running or stationary. It is also excellent as a penetrating lubricant for chains of all sizes.
  • Wirelife® Almasol® Coating Lubricant (2002): A coating solution for boating and marine applications, this product is a fluid wire rope lubricant that provides a tough outer coating to seal and protect against fretting corrosion, wear and rust – even under extreme load and moisture.
  • Almatek® General Purpose Lubricant (1232 and 1233): An EP grease for marine applications (among others) that increases uptime, reduces maintenance costs and lowers lubrication costs.
  • OSE II: OSE II is believed to be the world’s most environmentally safe and cost-effective bioremediation process for the mitigation of hazardous waste, spills and contamination virtually anywhere an of any size, large or small. It uses a biological enzyme to convert waste into a natural food source for bacteria found in aquatic environments. Ideal for marine or agricultural oil spills or oil cleaning.
  • Full Torque™ Diesel Fuel Improver (2411): Full Torque is a cetane-boosted, detergent-containing formulation that increases power, improves fuel economy, reduces emissions, and provides smoother performance year-round in diesel engines. It can be used in all diesel engines.

For more information on the value packs, or to find out about customisation for a specific environment or application, contact LE South Africa.

For more information, visit contact Callum Ford on tel 011 464 1735 or email

Lubrication Engineers (LE) South Africa represents the LE brand in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia. LE hold the rights to Southern Africa on the LE brand, recognised internationally as a specialist in lubrication.

Through LE Incorporated, they are a member of a worldwide network of companies spanning Europe, South America, Asia and Africa, while LE Incorporated operates in the USA and covers North America including Canada, Mexico and the USA.

LE provides high performance, heavy-duty, quality lubricants for virtually every industry and application, as well as expert technical back-up and support.