Mohair prices continued to rise on the second sale of the 2018 summer season.  The offering consisted of very good individual clips, with 99.7% of the offering sold.  Buyers competed actively for the good quality mohair on offer despite the stronger Rand.  The Rand strengthened with 1.4% against the American Dollar and traded at R11.72.

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The average market indicator gained 2.1% compared to the previous sale to close on R252.25/kg, which is 36.6% higher than the corresponding sale of the previous year.  The average prices of kid mohair were 3.9% dearer at R338.54/kg while young goat mohair traded 2.6% dearer at R288.99/kg.  Fine adult mohair traded 4.7% dearer at R266.10/kg and strong adult mohair traded 1.8% dearer at R249.75/kg.

The third sale of the 2018 summer marketing season will take place on 20 March 2018. – Market report


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