Mohair world record price shattered

With the record summer kid mohair bale are Pierre van der Vyver, Gerrit Fourie, Gay van Hasselt and Matthew Fox.

The mohair industry is under a lot of pressure, caused mainly by the worst drought in history and the farmer’s plight to keep the goats well cared for. Under these difficult circumstances and financial pressure, any good news from the market is like a good spell of rainfall.

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On Monday, 25 June 2018, during the special Ermenegildo Zegna competition mohair sale to determine the best bale of summer kid mohair in the world, the world record price for mohair was broken five times in the space of minutes.

With the record adult mohair bale are Pierre van der Vyver and Charles Fitzhenry.

After fierce competition between the two big local processing companies, the Stucken Group paid R1 246.10/kg for the bale from mother and son pair, Gay and Jordi van Hasselt from the Prince Albert district. They are well known stud Angora farmers and have won numerous international awards for their exceptional mohair clip.

This was followed by a world record price for adult mohair on the Cape Mohair & Wool (CMW) sale. Charles Fitzhenry from the Aberdeen district not only achieved the world record price for adult mohair at R360.00/kg, but also recorded the best average ever for his total clip at an average price of R404.66/kg!

According to Pierre van der Vyver, manager of CMW’s mohair division, these extraordinary prices are due to several factors. One of them is the worldwide fashion demand for sustainable natural fibres. Another one is the silver lining of the ongoing drought – the fact that clips are generally finer in droughty situations, making them softer and more expensive. According to Van der Vyver it says a lot about the South African genetic material to maintain the quality characteristics under these conditions. South African farmers are world renown for breeding the best Angora goats. – Press release