The Agri Securitas Trust Fund is grateful for the goodwill of two well-known agricultural companies to promote farm safety. Monsanto and Obaro joined forces this year to donate R1 million to the Trust Fund. Monsanto donated seed to the Trust Fund, after which Obaro bought it. The income of the transaction was donated to the Trust Fund.

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“This contribution can help farmers and farm workers across South Africa,” says Kiewiet Ferreira, chair of the Agri Securitas Trust Fund’s audit committee.

Monsanto and Obaro agree that the Trust Fund is the right vehicle through which farm communities can be safeguarded. The Monsanto Legacy Company’s funding is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to the local farming community in South Africa.

“We are committed to supporting the rural and agricultural communities in South Africa,” said Kobus Steenekamp, commercial business lead for Bayer SA (Monsanto Legacy). “We are proud to collaborate with an institution such as Agri Securitas in the protection of our farming community which includes farmers, farm managers and workers as well as their families.  We hope that our contribution will aid in the improvement of farmer security as well as that of rural communities in our farming areas.”

“We regard it as our moral and ethical responsibility to engage in initiatives that promote rural security,” said Nic Bronkhorst, managing director of Obaro. “The advancement and development of agriculture is everyone’s responsibility. Farming can only be operationally effective if farmers and farm workers can work without the fear of continuous crime.”

The rural crime threat is of such a magnitude that the farming community still has to make a big contribution to ensure their own and their farm workers’ safety.

“In combating crime, the farming community has an ally in the Trust Fund,” says Ferreira.

The Trust Fund continuously offers new financial partnerships for the business sector to take hands with the fund, to protect the agricultural community as an asset for the country. – Press release