Data is the life-blood flowing through computers each day – invisible threads linking people around the globe. By the year 2020 you will create 1,7 megabytes of new data every second of your existence. Together we will create a digital universe consisting of 44 trillion gigabytes of data and by the same year, a third of the universal data will pass through the cloud.  Despite living in a digitally driven world, only 0,5% of all this data is ever analysed and used. Imagine the potential hidden in this cosmos of code. But is this potential unleashed?

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Agritechnovation and Laeveld Agrochem took hands to create a platform to unlock this massive potential. In March 2015, Agritechnovation and Laeveld Agrochem decided to start the process of creating a cloud-based interface that advances agriculture beyond today’s parameters. With the aim of creating simplicity from chaos, the MyFarmWeb™ system was born.

MyFarmWeb™ is a powerful online platform that marries the innovation of cloud technology with the virtual and geographical genius of Google Earth. The platform was officially launched a year later, in March 2016, and has already helped many a farming team to use data to their advantage.

Abundant data

Availability of data is no longer a problem, but accessibility to data is indeed. How can the masses of data created every day be served to the user in a digestible format? On-farm data typically originates from different sources in many different formats. The larger the farming unit, the quicker this data accumulates.

In no time, a producer could have a cabinet full of physical maps and one or more computer hard drives with electronic information as well. It then becomes a challenging and time-consuming process to quickly pinpoint information and to compare maps.

This leads us to the important purpose of MyFarmWeb™ namely to store the host of available information on one user-friendly online system that is accessible to all users who have authority to use it. Importantly, it therefore serves as an information platform for decision-based farming that allows for the transformation of raw data into information, information to plans of action, and ultimately plans of action into profit.

Simply put, the system will allow you to immediately know what actions to take in order to make your farming more sustainable and profitable. It all comes down to using technology to make the very complex very simple. MyFarmWeb™ is a complex system with a simplistic design and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use. The system is much more than just an online storage facility.

Benefits galore

MyFarmWeb™ will save you time – a very precious commodity. In the past, you had to sieve through stacks of paper, countless files and never-ending online documents looking for the right information. Now MyFarmWeb™ allows you to quickly pinpoint, drill down, compare, calculate and analyse with just a few clicks.

The benefits MyFarmWeb™ offers to producers are numerous:

  • All your farm’s geographic information is kept in one place, on one single system.
  • All information is stored securely and independent to your personal computer.
  • Information is only accessible to you and to users provided access by you.
  • Users who have access can access the system from any computer with an internet connection.

Furthermore, the system allows you to compare different maps through the simple press of a button, interpret different pieces of information quicker and easier and link this information to actionable steps.

Frequently asked questions

The most frequently asked question with any technology is: How does it work? So, how does MyFarmWeb™work? A user receives a unique username and password. With these login details, he acquires access via any web browser. It will then take him to a interface similar to a Google Earth screen which will display relevant details about the farms that the user has access to.

The types of information available on MyFarmWeb™ include aerial photos, road maps and title deed boundaries of all South African farms. The information relating to a specific farm, the farm to which the user has access, is displayed against a background selected from one of these general layers.

 But where does this information come from? Data is created both by the system itself and the user. Any precision farming work done by Agri Technovation, is automatically loaded onto the system. Information produced by other service providers can be sent to Agri Technovation, to be uploaded onto the system as well. Information generated by on-farm equipment such as harvester monitors, are sent electronically to Agri Technovation for uploading. Finally, users are also able to upload their own photos, reports, maps, etc. directly onto the system.

 Remember, your information is always secure and access to your information is always controlled. Despite all this technical talk, the system is easy to use. Most computer-literate users understand the system within minutes. Furthermore, technical support is always available.

Do you want to know more? Visit or contact your Laeveld Agrochem agent.