New edition of holistic management handbook released


The new holistic management handbook by Jody Butterfield has been released. This edition is updated to fit with the third edition of the textbook (2016). The Holistic Management Handbook has much detail crucial to climatologists, ranchers, farmers and pastoralists on how to implement holistic planned grazing which is so vital to reversing desertification and addressing climate change.

The Holistic Management Handbook offers a detailed explanation of the planning procedures presented in those books and gives step-by-step guidance for implementing holistic management on a ranch or farm.

Allan Savory, co-writer of the handbook says: “The chapter on holistic financial planning will make any business more profitable, although it is directed mainly at the most difficult business there is – agriculture. Remember the published study by Steiner et al of Ohio State University, documenting that early adopters across the US averaged 300% more profit. The simple secret to that dramatic increase in profitability is applicable to any business and is described in the chapter on holistic financial planning. Any literate person can teach themselves from this handbook it is so clear, simple and well-illustrated so I hope is going to help many people.”

Holistic Management and Holistic Management Handbook are essential reading for anyone involved with land management and stewardship, and are an essential guide for individuals interested in making better decisions within their organisations or in any aspect of their personal or professional lives. – Ntswaki Motaung, AgriOrbit