Emerging farmers had the opportunity to attend the Edenville leg of the InteliGro Agronomy Information Day. This selected group of new era farmers are part of a Grain SA initiative focusing on development and sustainability with a view to ensuring food security.

The day focused on agricultural technology and featured maize cultivar discussions, application technology, stand trials, interrow spacing as well as the timeous use of NDVI imagery by way of SeeCrop, a user-friendly application which delivers three different NDVI images every five to seven days.

Besides the images, SeeCrop also serves as a handy management tool containing information on insects, pests and diseases that can easily be identified and appended by way of “geo tag” technology.

The Monsanto team. From the left are Petri Kunz, Thom Steyn, Janet Lawless (InteliGro) and Tony Johnson.

Thanks to our main sponsor, Monsanto, who gave away a one-year SeeCrop subscription to the value of R20 000. Special thanks to Johan Kriel of Grain SA for their involvement. – Press release