On 16 April Animal Nutrition & Health (ANH) in partnership with the internationally renowned Chr. Hansen launched a new triple strain poultry probiotic at the Candlewoods Boutique Venue in Centurion. The new product, GalliPro Fit, is the latest addition to a series of three other probiotics by Chr. Hansen, of which ANH is the South African distributor.

Ettiene Biddulph from ANH said that they are bringing this technology to South Africa to enable poultry farmers to produce successfully, while reducing excessive use of antibiotics. He said that in a world where antibiotic resistance is an increasing problem, producers need the right tools to help them rely on other products such as probiotics in conjunction with routine antibiotics.

Hot topics

Several speakers spoke about the importance of gut health in poultry production at the launch. Heiko Köster, commercial director of ANH, gave an overview of global and local trends in the poultry industry to place the significance of the new product launch and its importance in context. Dr Chris Henderson from C4-Africa discussed gut health challenges in poultry from a veterinarian’s perspective.

Dr Guilherme Borchardt of Chr. Hansen gave an in-depth talk on microbiome agility and how it contributes to better animal health and improved production, thus leading to better profit returns. Dr Borchardt said that although opportunistic pathogens such as salmonella and E. coli are always present in the gut of the poultry as well as the environment, they only cause disease when there is an imbalance in the animal’s immune system. Probiotics can aid in maintaining this balance.

Promising product

International speakers, Anna Karwacinska and Dr Herb Kling, introduced GalliPro Fit to delegates and also shared some customer experiences from countries where the product has already been launched. Anna Karwacinska from Chr. Hansen explained that GalliPro Fit has multiple functions, with each of the three strains playing an integral role. Not only does the probiotic directly combats the three major bacteria, clostridium, salmonella and E. coli, it also modulates the immune system, while aiding in protein and energy digestibility.

Dr Kling is a technical consultant in the United States (US) poultry industry and he elaborated on the strains used in GalliPro Fit. The strains isolated by Chr. Hansen have not been used in the poultry industry before and belongs solely to the company. The three strains are affectionally known as the King, Queen and Knight. The names were chosen to describe their function in the gut.

The King, with the Queen by its side, fights against pathogens while the Knight aids in releasing enzymes to improve nutrient digestibility. Together they keep the gut in perfect balance in order to modulate the immune system and ensure optimal production. Dr Kling shared experiences of producers in the US. To name but one example, in a trial where a no-antibiotics-ever (NAE) production system was used, the chicken houses that were fed GalliPro Fit, no necrotic enteritis was noted. In the chicken houses that did not use it, mild necrotic enteritis occurred and needed to be treated with organic acids as therapeutic antibiotics were not allowed to be used.

For more information, visit www.animalnh.co.za and www.chr-hansen.com/en/animal-health. To see the Tweets done at the launch click on the hashtag #GalliProFitLaunch. –Ursula Human, AgriOrbit