Night adders: Masters of disguise

The rescue team. From the left are Deno Lombard, Lezelle Ludeman, and Nikki Durrant

Plaas Media’s Eastern Cape journalist, Carin Venter, and her Irish terrier, Geoffrey, got quite the surprise when a female night adder greeted them in the garage.

Nikki Durrant handles the adder with great care.

Due to its camouflage, the night adder (Causus rhombeatus) can easily conceal itself from predators and prey. They usually seek shade on hot and humid days.

While extremely painful, the night adder’s bite is not life threatening. However, the snake is still considered dangerous and any person bitten must seek medical treatment. Should a pet be bitten, severe and painful swelling can occur, and a veterinarian should be consulted.

For more information, contact Arnold Slabbert, problem animal control specialist and consultant at Wildline Port Elizabeth, on 082 332 3660, or visit their Facebook page here. – Carin Venter

A clear description of the night adder.