NWK is excited about the difference the Agri Value Chain Project of Agbiz and Grain SA could make in the lives of needy, hungry rural agricultural communities.

As South Africa’s oldest agricultural company, NWK is eagerly partaking in this project and has encouraged producers in its operating area to donate a ton or more of their harvests against a special delivery account. It is anticipated that the country will yield one of its biggest maize harvests to date this year and NWK believes that its producers will not hesitate to donate generously towards this initiative.

South Africa has been in lockdown since 26 March in an attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19. However, lockdown is having a devastating impact on the economy, with many individuals earning little or no income.

Spearheading food distribution in rural communities

Agriculture is the heartbeat of every community – a fact which is again being proved during this lockdown. However, irregularities with the distribution of food to those in need have been widely documented in the media and is in many cases being hampered by government’s attempts to have it centralised.

Role-players in the various agricultural value chains, including agricultural companies such as NWK and producers, have consequently expressed the need for a co-ordinated and critical mass effort to launch a significant relief programme.

The Agricultural Business Chamber (Agbiz) and Grain SA heeded this call and launched the Agri Value Chain Relief Project, according to which the neediest rural agricultural communities will receive food.

NWK invites all producers to participate

Participation in the project is completely voluntarily. Producers have been requested to deliver donations at NWK silos against the Agri Waardeketting Verligtingsprojek account. It will then be taken to Botselo Mills near Delareyville where it will be processed into maize meal.

The Suid-Afrikaanse Vrouefederasie (SAVF) North West will distribute the meal among needy communities in NWK’s operating area in the North West. NWK will also contribute R150 000 towards this project.

“Assistance in NWK’s operating area is flawed and more communities are being faced by hunger. If they were to resort to violence to get food, already dilapidated infrastructure could be damaged even further. This will have significant consequences for the farming community and business sector. We are trying to look beyond the political noise and focus on humanity to effect real change. We want to assist everyone who is struggling,” Theo Rabe, CEO of NWK, explained the company’s decision to get involved.

“The environment in which NWK is doing business is close to our hearts and as a rule we value social responsibility. It ties in with one of our core values – joint responsibility in the workplace and community. However, NWK cannot do this alone and our partners, including producers, are crucial to the success of this project. We are confident that they will exceed our wildest expectations with their donations,” Rabe concluded. – Press release, NWK

When delivering to NWK’s silos, please deliver the donation against NWK’s account for Agri Waardeketting Verligtingsprojek, using delivery number X980422WND.