Oilseeds Focus

Oilseeds Focus is a scientific magazine published on behalf of the Protein Research Foundation, the Oilseeds Advisory Committee and the Oil & Protein Seeds Development Trust.

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Read Oilseeds Focus in March

Read Oilseeds Focus in March

The March edition of Oilseeds Focus once again addresses various technical and topical aspects relating to oilseeds production. This magazine is aimed at producers of sunflower, canola, soya beans and groundnuts.

In this edition:

  • A biocontrol agent against Mexican sunflower.
  • Soya bean rust and Sclerotinia stem rot.
  • Canola cultivar evaluation.
  • Choosing the right canola cultivar.
  • Climate change and nutritional needs.
  • Gene editing technology in sunflower production.
  • Breeding technologies and levies.
  • Stressed crops and herbicide injury.
  • Alternaria leaf blight in sunflower.
  • Extrusion in South Africa.
  • Preventing salmonella contamination.
  • The growing soya bean market.
  • International market overview.
  • Sunflower production in the Balkans.
  • South African drought survey.
  • Structural stability criteria in grain handling.
  • And much more!

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