Oilseeds Focus is a scientific magazine published on behalf of the Protein Research Foundation, the Oilseeds Advisory Committee and the Oil & Protein Seeds Development Trust. It contains valuable information relating to oilseeds (soya bean, canola, sunflower and groundnuts) production, economic issues and the latest research.

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The June edition of Oilseeds Focus addresses everything that oilseeds producers, processors, and suppliers in South Africa need to know – from nitrogen management and seedling diseases to foliar fertilisation, reduced import tariffs, quality control systems, and classic and high-oleic oils.

In this issue, read more about:

  • Soya bean inoculants in Brazil: Success bolstered by research, industry and legislation.
  • The role of seedling diseases in poor sunflower establishment.
  • Foliar fertilisation of soya bean: Is it useful to supplement primary fertilisation?
  • The use of soya protein in aquafeeds.
  • Implications of geographic soya bean production concentration.
  • Key drivers of soya bean product quality for feed use in South Africa.
  • The law: Are evictions really the only way out?
  • Role of reproducible research tools in quantifying Sclerotinia prevalence survey.
  • Quantifying the impact of reduced import tariffs on the South African soya value chain.
  • Improving quality control systems in the oilseeds industry using proficiency schemes.
  • The COIDA: What to know.
  • Soya bean nitrogen management and effectiveness.
  • Canola outlook for 2021 and beyond: Canada.
  • Exploring soya within the National School Nutrition Programme.
  • Area shifts expected in South Africa’s 2021 winter crop season.

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