The local grain and oilseeds industry is one of the largest agricultural sectors in the country. It makes a major contribution to the country’s total gross agricultural production. Oilseeds Focus is a scientific magazine presented in a popular format, providing a unique forum for the transfer of information in the oilseeds industry.

Covering the oilseeds value chain

The magazine covers the production and processing of soya beans, canola, groundnuts and sunflower. It also delves into the latest research into oilseeds as well as its application in the human and animal food chain. The editor of the magazine, dr Erhard Briedenhann, chats to AgriOnAir about the philosophy of the magazine as well as the September issue which has just become available.

Oilseeds Focus is compiled and published by Plaas Media on behalf of the Protein Research Foundation (PRF), the Oil & Protein Seeds Development Trust (OPDT) and the Oilseeds Advisory Committee. For the September 2020 edition and for back copies, visit