In 2015 Agri SA delegated the authority to the Agri SA executive management under the leadership of Omri van Zyl to incubate a new company called Agri SA Enterprises (Pty) Ltd.

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Services are focussed on the food value chain and provided to a spectrum of clients. This includes the involvement, exploring, establishing and funding of commercial agricultural partnerships between established and developing farming entities.

Agri SA Enterprises consists of highly experienced and qualified experts. These experts have considerable exposure to and a thorough understanding of the complex financial, production, logistical, operational and contextual dimensions of commercial partnerships and other ventures in the commercial agricultural sector.

Given the exponential growth of Agri SA Enterprises, the need has arisen for a full-time CEO and its own board of directors. The board of Agri SA has therefore decided to appoint Omri van Zyl, current CEO of the organisation, as the new CEO of Agri SA Enterprises. He will report directly to the board of Agri SA Enterprises. Agri SA is the 100% shareholder of Agri SA Enterprises.

Omri van Zyl is a qualified attorney and holds a BA Law, LLB, qualifications in project management and business development, and Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Pretoria. He has vast experience of commercial enterprises and exposure to the broader commercial agricultural network.

New executive director for Agri SA

Agri SA will continue to focus on policy research, analysis and advocacy. The various centres of excellence involved in policy matters on rural safety, land, natural resources, economics and trade, labour and development, and disaster risk management will continue to resort under Agri SA. These centres of excellence consist of professional and experienced policy experts who in turn provide a range of services to the provincial, commodity and corporate chambers affiliated to Agri SA.

The board of Agri SA has decided to appoint Christo van der Rheede as its executive director to lead the policy drive for agriculture. He has been the deputy executive director for the past five years and holds a BA, HonsB in Public Policy and Administration (HonsBPA) and a Master’s in Public Policy and Administration (MPA) from Stellenbosch University’s School of Public Leadership.

The board wishes both Omri van Zyl and Christo van der Rheede everything of the best for the tasks at hand. They also trust that both Agri SA and Agri SA Enterprises will grow from strength to strength under their respective leadership. – Press release, Agri SA