As part of its scientific and technical mission to promote the usage of nutritional emulsifiers (a known supplement in animal nutrition), Orffa is launching a global initiative called the Emulsifier Academy.

The Emulsifier Academy aims to increase the knowledge of new applications. Furthermore, it strives to create more awareness of nutritional emulsifiers and to increase the consumption of nutritional emulsifiers worldwide in animal nutrition.

Consumption of nutritional emulsifiers

Currently, the broiler industry is the main consumer of nutritional emulsifiers. However, the industry still underutilises and undervalue their potential to formulate cheaper diets while maintaining performance. Not only do these emulsifiers improve fat digestion, but they also enhance dry matter, protein and energy digestibility.

In addition, emulsifiers’ ability to support digestion in antibiotic-free diets is hardly known. In other animal species, nutritional emulsifiers appear to be particularly promising for layers, turkeys, swine and fish.

The potential for nutritional emulsifiers in animal nutrition is significant, but decent scientific and technical promotion of the opportunities are required.

Offering solutions to the global animal nutrition industry

As a leading player with a strong technical focus, Orffa aims to take the lead in global promotion to offer solutions to the global animal nutrition industry. Investments in long-term research programmes aim to bridge the knowledge gaps. Orffa simultaneously increases its global network of scientific partnerships.

Orffa initiated the emulsifier dossier’s development with a PhD research project at the University of Lavras in Brazil. Controlled studies in a large variety of universities and contract research institutes on all continents have expanded the dossier.

A summary of these experiences is bundled in a comprehensive booklet Emulsifier Academy: Excential Energy Plus – a third-generation emulsifier!

This is the third booklet within the Orffa Academy line, following similar initiatives to share knowledge of organic selenium and betaine application in animal nutrition. – Press release, Orffa