The consumption of organic food in Europe generated sales worth 33 500 million Euro in 2016; 11.4% more than in the previous year. Of this, 30 700 million Euro corresponded to the European Union (+12%), which is the second most important market after the United States. The data was published in the yearbook, The World of Organic Agriculture. Emerging statistics and trends 2018. This was presented on the opening day of the BioFach international organic fair, which takes place in the German city of Nuremberg.

The text highlights that it is the second time since the financial crisis that this market has recorded double-digit growth. The most noteworthy increase was that of France, with a 22% growth and 6 736 million Euro. Overall, the country was second only to Germany (9 478 million Euro) and remained ahead of Italy (2 644 million Euro). – Fresh Plaza

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