Plaas Media announces its new online television programme, Plaas TV


Plaas Media is proud to announce the new kid in its stable – Plaas TV.

Plaas TV is a weekday online television programme designed to inform, educate and enrich. The programme will consist of a balanced mix of news, market updates, interviews, weather, event information and much more.

The programme will be broadcast on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 08:00 on the Plaas TV YouTube channel, which can be accessed at the link Programmes will be available on demand and can be viewed at any time once uploaded.

Traditional TV with a new coat

“We trust that Plaas TV will meet all the requirements that viewers would have of traditional television, but with the convenience offered by online platforms. For that reason, we have decided to stick to a traditional format that includes news, weather and economic indicators, as well as an array of insightful interviews and videos,” says Lynette Louw, CEO of Plaas Media.

“There are numerous benefits to broadcasting online. These include fewer restrictions on the length of the programme, although we will stick to a shorter programme format which makes more sense for online viewers. Another benefit is the fact that viewers can view on demand – as soon as a programme has been uploaded, it will remain there for some time.”

Online also allows for better control over the broadcast environment, allowing for greater flexibility and fewer time constraints. One of the greatest benefits, however, is associated costs.

“From a production point of view there are some obvious financial benefits, but the greatest benefit will be for our advertisers. This format allows us to slash traditional advertising rates substantially – up to a third of what it would normally cost to air an insert or advertisement, with much cheaper production rates where clients want productions done.”

A fresh approach

Louw also comments on the production team that will be working behind the scenes to bring this programme to computer and mobile screens every week. “Plaas Productions is a relatively young division of Plaas Media, but I believe that this gives us an edge in that we kick off with an online-minded team who thinks in modern and new ways. We also have our own highly flexible studio for recordings, but as we have seen over the past two months, a lot can be done with existing technology and not everything has to be recorded on site.

“We do, however, respect our audience and because a large portion of the agricultural audience tends to still support the more traditional forms of media, we decided to retain a traditional programme line-up, as stated above. We also have a broadcast stalwart in the form of Lise Roberts on board as one of our presenters. She has been our RSG Landbou presenter for some years now and brings solid interviewing skills and agricultural knowledge to the table.”

Roberts will present the programme together with Deidré Louw, a newcomer to the scene.

Content will always be king

“Our focus at Plaas Media is and always will be good content. We are not proponents of sensationalism and all of our content will be based on technical correctness, with guests who are truly knowledgeable in their field of expertise,” Louw emphasises. “We will be addressing issues across all branches of the agricultural industry, ranging from production methods and profitable farming, to legal and legislative matters, the latest technology, good agricultural practices and the agricultural value chain and economy.”

This is reflected in the programme line-up, which includes well-known personalities such as Dr John Purchase of Agbiz, various law experts such as Allison Wright of VDT Attorneys and Christo Bester of the LWO Employers’ Organisation, and industry experts such as Adri Kitshoff-Botha of Wildlife Ranching SA and Jaco Oosthuizen of RSA Group. Representatives from various agricultural organisations will also participate in the programme.

There are also plans for a number of series that will focus on specific issues of an educational and practical nature.

Subscribe and join in

The first edition of Plaas TV will air at 08:00 on 1 June 2020 on the Plaas TV YouTube channel. Subscription is free of charge.

“Of course, we always welcome inputs and suggestions from viewers and from our industry partners. Plaas Media’s products have been able to evolve into very successful media platforms over the years due to co-operation and partnerships with notable organisations such as the Animal Feed Manufacturer’s Association of South Africa (AFMA), the Protein Research Foundation (PRF), SA Stud Book, numerous livestock breeders’ societies and many more role-players of the same stature. I believe that these relationships will allow us to take Plaas TV to the next level.”

For enquiries send an e-mail to Lynette Louw at or call on 084 580 5120.