Plaas Media appoints new editors for Veeplaas and Stockfarm


Plaas Media has announced that it has appointed two new editors for two of its magazine titles. This comes after the current editor, Albert Loubser, left Plaas Media earlier this year to focus on other business interests.

Loubser’s ten-year stint as editor of Veeplaas and Stockfarm will end with the June editions. June is also the official tenth birthday of Veeplaas. As the co-founder of both titles Loubser, together with Izak Hofmeyr and Lynette Louw, played a valuable role in guiding the content of both magazines and establishing them as pillars of scientific information transfer in the local livestock industry.

As of the July editions, the new editors will be Dr Frikkie Maré for Veeplaas and Izak Hofmeyr for Stockfarm.

Dr Frikkie Maré to guide Veeplaas content

Dr Maré has been a member of the Plaas Media editorial team since 2011 and has been the editor for economic affairs of all Plaas Media’s products during this period. Dr Maré is a full-time senior lecturer at the University of the Free State and is the academic head of department of Agricultural Economics at the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences.

Dr Frikkie Maré.

“Dr Maré’s long-time involvement with Veeplaas and numerous other Plaas Media products makes him the ideal editor for Veeplaas,” says Lynette Louw, CEO of Plaas Media. “He has a special interest in livestock production and is a well-known figure in the livestock industry, where he is often a speaker at livestock events. He is certainly one of the leading young minds in the South African livestock industry and is well-respected in this regard.”

His keen sense of organisation and planning, coupled with his analytical approach to industry affairs, will see Veeplaas growing to new heights in a market that is rife with challenges – not only due to COVID-19 and its ripple effect, but also the changing environment in which the media currently finds itself.

“I believe that Dr Maré possesses the knowledge and modern thinking needed to take Veeplaas and its content to even greater heights, notably its transition to a digital form that will make sense in an era where knowledge transfer is top of mind,” says Louw.

Dr Maré is excited to become more involved in the planning of the magazine. “Veeplaas is the leading example of science-based popular media in South Africa and I intend to keep it that way. Since its inception, Veeplaas has striven to encapsulate the joy (industry sections), learning (technical sections) and business (Trading Post) of livestock farming in South Africa, and although the magazine will undergo some changes over time, the three pillars on which it is based will remain intact,” he says.

Izak Hofmeyr to take Stockfarm forward

Izak Hofmeyr has been tasked with the editorship of Stockfarm, a magazine that has been steadily growing its readership since its inception in 2011. Stockfarm is one of a few niche titles that has been able to grow and expand amid an ever-shrinking magazine market, notes Louw. “Stockfarm possesses the ability to become a powerhouse publication for the African livestock sector, and Hofmeyr’s vision in this regard is certainly what is going to take Stockfarm forward.”

Hofmeyr has a proven record as one of the country’s top agricultural journalists, having worked for some well-known agricultural publications prior to co-founding Plaas Media in 2010. He is also a seasoned radio presenter and a qualified teacher and extension officer. Hofmeyr is currently one of Plaas Media’s senior writers, as well as its regional manager for the Eastern Free State and KwaZulu-Natal regions.

Izak Hofmeyr.

“It is his ability to educate and unpack technical content, in particular, which makes him the perfect editor to make Stockfarm a must-have guide in the hands of both aspiring and existing commercial producers. And while South Africa and Africa will be the main target markets, he plans on bringing a much-needed international flavour to the magazine as well.”

Says Hofmeyr: “For more than a hundred years the South African agricultural media industry has played a crucial role in supporting agricultural development through the dissemination of sound information to farmers. This role is even more critical today, as the agricultural sector is facing immense challenges.

Stockfarm is ideally positioned to play a vital role in this regard. With a down-to-earth ‘how to’ approach, we aim to continue supplying farmers and would-be farmers with sound, scientifically based information on which to base important management decisions.”

Maré and Hofmeyr will formally take up their positions on 1 July 2020, but as they are existing members of the Plaas Media editorial team, they have already started to apply themselves to the planning and future of their respective titles.

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