The lockdown measures announced by President Ramaphosa in a bid to curb the spread of the coronavirus, has far-reaching implications for all, and especially smaller businesses across South Africa. However, these steps are extremely necessary and Plaas Media as an SME, has dedicated itself to joining the effort and doing what is necessary to contain the spread of the virus.

As a media and communications company, we are regarded as an enabling service (communication and media services on screen, TV, radio, print, broadcast and online) which is allowed to continue with its services. We have put numerous contingency plans in place and at Plaas Media it will be business as usual. All of our administrative, sales and editorial staff will be working mostly from home and will be available during normal office hours for teleconferences, Skype meetings, interviews and to assist you with normal day to day queries. None of our administrative processes are affected and will continue unabated.

Available services

On the content side our editorial and other staff will continue to produce content for our magazines, online and broadcast platforms. Some services, such as our offsite video recordings will not be available during this time, and our journalists will not be able to cover any gatherings in person as of 27 March until 17 April, in line with government’s regulations regarding social distancing. However, we will continue to make use of the means available to us to conduct interviews, do recordings and produce content as and where necessary.

Our magazine distribution channel is also unaffected and we do not foresee any problems in this regard. Any changes that may occur will be communicated timeously and as a precautionary measure, all subscribers will receive free online PDF versions during this time. – Press release, Plaas Media