During March 2020, a total of 35,86%, or 417 366kg, of South Africa’s pork exports were sent to Mozambique. Exports to Namibia totalled 25,89% (301 271kg), followed by Lesotho at 21,91% (255 026kg), Botswana at 7,3% (84 949kg) and Hong Kong at 5,85% (68 103kg). Smaller amounts of pork were exported to Zambia (27 503kg), China (3 166kg), Zimbabwe (2 100kg), Malawi (1 490kg) and Nigeria (910kg).

The volume of pig exports amounted to 1 163 714kg with an average price of R28,23/kg. Compared to the previous month, pork exports increased by 52,9%. However, the price (rand/kg) for exported pork fell by 26,9%.

(Source: SAPPO)

Total pork exports (fresh and frozen) consisted of:

  • Other cuts: 61,56%.
  • Carcasses: 28,83%.
  • Hams, shoulder cuts: 3,58%.
  • Ribs: 6,02%.
(Source: SAPPO)

Pork imports

In terms of pork volume, month-on-month imports increased by 43,7%, while cumulative year-on-year imports decreased by 11,17%. During March, a total of 62,61% of South Africa’s pork imports came from Germany, amounting to 1356,12 tons. Lithuania took up 10,42% (225 600kg), followed by Spain at 6,9% (149 446kg), Brazil at 6,35% (137 470kg) and the United Kingdom at 4,19% (90 667kg).

The volume of pig imports totalled 2165,87 tons with an average price of R41,88/kg. Compared to the previous month, pork imports increased by 43,7%. The price (rand/kg) for imported pork increased by 4,7%.

(Source: SAPPO)

Total pork imports consisted of:

• Other cuts: 5,95%.
• Carcasses: 0%.
• Hams, shoulder cuts: 1,16%.
• Ribs: 92,89%.

(Source: SAPPO)

Slaughter figures

The number of pigs slaughtered to date totals 736 999, a decrease of 2,79% compared to the same month last year.

(Source: SAPPO)

Compared to last month, the number of slaughtered pigs in March increased by 4%. Gauteng had the highest number of slaughtered pigs (38%), followed by the Western Cape (23%). Gauteng, the Eastern Cape and the North West showed an increase in slaughter figures. The rest of the provinces saw a decrease in the number of pigs slaughtered in March. – Compiled by Claudi Nortjé, AgriOrbit

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