During May 2020, a total of 40,64% or 299 023kg of South Africa’s pork exports were sent to Mozambique. Exports to Namibia totalled 24,61% (181 028kg), followed by Lesotho at 10,88% (80 065kg), Hong Kong at 9,87% (72 583kg) and Zambia at 3,53% (26 000kg). Smaller amounts of pork were exported to the Congo (21 800kg), Mauritius (20 287kg), Botswana (15 823kg), Ghana (10 219kg) and Malawi (8 233kg).

The volume of pig exports amounted to 735 663kg with an average price of R33,56/kg. Compared to the previous month, pork exports increased by 29,4%. The price (rand/kg) for exported pork also increased by 14,4%.

(Source: SAPPO)

Total pork exports (fresh and frozen) consisted of:

  • Other cuts: 50,16%.
  • Carcasses: 21,29%.
  • Hams, shoulder cuts: 15,34%.
  • Ribs: 13,22%.
(Source: SAPPO)

Pork imports

During May, a total of 47,37% of South Africa’s pork imports came from Germany, amounting to 301 750kg. Brazil took up 25,08% (159 728kg), followed by France at 7,96% (50 691kg), the United Kingdom at 7,64% (48 640kg) and the Netherlands at 4,12% (26 242kg).

The volume of pig imports totalled 636 945kg with an average price of R52,68/kg. Compared to the previous month, pork imports decreased by 56,9%. The price (rand/kg) for imported pork increased by 7,3%.

(Source: SAPPO)

Total pork imports consisted of:

• Other cuts: 1,17%.
• Carcasses: 0%.
• Hams, shoulder cuts: 0,02%.
• Ribs: 98,8%.

(Source: SAPPO)

Slaughter figures

The number of pigs slaughtered to date totals 1 310 543, a decrease of 9,24% compared to the same month last year.

(Source: SAPPO)

Compared to last month, the number of slaughtered pigs in May increased by 2%. Gauteng had the highest number of slaughtered pigs (44,69%), followed by the Western Cape (20,59%). Gauteng, the Eastern Cape, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and the Western Cape showed an increase in slaughter figures. The rest of the provinces saw a decrease in the number of pigs slaughtered in May compared to April. – Compiled by Claudi Nortjé, AgriOrbit

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