Agri SA takes note of comments made by Mike Mlengana, the director-general of the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF), that the government has no intention of expropriating productive agricultural land. Mlengana said this during a summit regarding farm murders, farm attacks and stock theft.

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“An attack on the agricultural community is an attack on food security and the government’s objectives to develop the economy,” Mlengana said. “The agricultural sector contributes to development in and of the country.”

Kobus Breytenbach, the chairman of Agri SA’s Centre for Excellence: Rural Safety expressed his appreciation for this recognition.

“It goes without saying that the agricultural community must be effectively protected, as nearly 34 000 farmers and their farm workers provide food for almost 55 million people daily,” Breytenbach said.

However, Boeta du Toit, vice-chairman of Agri SA’s Centre for Excellence: Rural Safety says that a summit can’t be held if there is not real action being taken.

“There is a lack of effectiveness, which prohibits the implementation of policies, the protection of farming communities and the development of farmers. Various departments and other state institutions fail to comply with their policy responsibility and this must be addressed urgently.”

“The government cannot succeed in achieving its goals without the private sector’s investment. The agricultural sector’s contribution is therefore important to stimulate economic growth,” said Mike Mlengana.

In conclusion, Breytenbach said: “We must acknowledge the contribution of the agricultural community by creating safer communities, their involvement in local organised agriculture and their cooperation with the police to promote rural security.”

Agri SA will continue to engage with government regarding the importance of rural safety. –Press release