Pumpkin fritters, or ‘pampoenkoekies’ as we say in Afrikaans, have always been a staple food in South African households. If you have ever eaten pumpkin fritters, there really is no explanation needed on why South Africans are so fond of these bites. They are easy and inexpensive to prepare. Traditionally, pumpkin fritters are dusted with cinnamon sugar, but these specific pumpkin fritters are finished off with the most decadent caramel sauce that has been infused with another flavour South Africans love – Rooibos tea.

The fritters can be served in a beautiful ceramic bowl with warm Rooibos caramel sauce on the side. If you would like more of a showstopper at your dinner club event, you can scatter the pumpkin fritters on a cake stand to form a tower, drizzle with rooibos caramel sauce and garnish it with pretty pink edible flowers. If you have a South African themed event, you can serve these small delights as canapés in miniature enamel cups for guests to eat with a little wooden fork. No matter how you choose to present this dish, many compliments are sure to come your way and guests will be asking for second servings and for your secret recipe.

The recipe yield is quite big, but leftovers can be kept in the fridge, warmed up the next day and drizzled with caramel sauce just before serving. Serve this as a side dish at your next family meal – your family will love you even more. – Renske Bouwer, Kreatery

Click here to get the recipe on Kreatery’s blog.



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