RADA had an impressive 2019, with monthly food donations made to struggling communities being one of their many successful projects.

The non-profit organisation teamed up with sponsor AGT Foods Africa in early 2017, expanding their reach and maximising their quota annually. Together, they provided a total of 487 752 meals to impoverished communities in 2019 alone. Their monthly food donations included a wide range of pulses, grains, seeds, flours and pea protein, all organic and nutritious meals that have a long-lasting effect.

The programme also handed out 2 400 soup cups to the homeless over the past six months through various soup kitchens held across Gauteng.

More about RADA

RADA is a non-profit organisation committed to the eradication of society’s gravest and most pressing social ills. RADA adopts a holistic approach to addressing issues of addiction and abuse, with a pro-active side through training and a reactive side through healing. At RADA, the focus is on self-responsibility and self-awareness, an important attribute that can redefine the way we treat others. Respect, tolerance and understanding of others is critical in creating a safe and peaceful environment for all.

To find out more about AGT Foods involvement with RADA, you can view the video below:

Visit www.rada.co.za/donate to support this cause. – Press release, RADA