AFMA Matrix is a quarterly scientific magazine published on behalf of the Animal Feeds Manufacturers Association (AFMA) in South Africa and Southern Africa. This is the only magazine in South Africa dedicated to the animal feed industry and ideally positioned to facilitate discussion between role-players, whether in the form of the latest industry news, or research into the latest feed research.

Content to look forward to in this edition:

  • Growth and challenges in the African feed sector
  • Improving feed production in Africa and the Middle East
  • Pig farming in Uganda
  • The role of omega fatty acids in reproduction and immunity in dairy cows
  • Gastrointestinal functionality in animal nutrition and health
  • Essential amino acid requirements of feedlot cattle
  • Xylanase, protease and superdosing phytase interactions in broiler performance
  • Phytogenic feed additives
  • Optimising amino acids in swine diets

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