FarmBiz is a unique monthly magazine aimed at agribusinesses and top farmers. Once again enjoy a treasure of knowledge in the November 2017 edition of FarmBiz.

The national minimum wage is a much talked about subject and one of those things that producers simply have to accept and live with. In this edition we don’t debate what is right or wrong, but rather how the situation should be handled – how the wage impacts on the agricultural industry, what it is costing us and how producers should manage this cost.

Also look forward to articles on:

  • How crop estimates are determined using satellites and remote sensing.
  • Why taking land without compensation is a bad idea.
  • Generational differences that shape the demand for food.
  • Zimbabwe’s big agricultural harvest.
  • Carbon as the core of healthy soil.
  • Hemp production.
  • Trends in orchard management and fertilisation of avo.
  • High impact priority programmes for emerging farmers.
  • Tortoise mortalities caused by electric fences.
  • More!

In the Farmlink section you can look forward to a delicious Farm Fare recipe for chickpea salad, as well as an article on the agro-processing of root crops.

Keep an eye out for the magazine in selected retail stores or phone Rochelle Mabebe on 074 153 8380 to subscribe. Or SMS “Subscribe” and your phone number to 074 153 8380 and we will phone you back. FarmBiz is now also available as a digital magazine. Please click here to purchase the digital version of the October edition of FarmBiz.


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