Read FarmBiz in October


FarmBiz is a unique monthly magazine aimed at agribusinesses and top farmers. Once again enjoy a treasure of knowledge in the October 2017 edition of FarmBiz.

The consumer is and will remain the ultimate end user in the livestock value chain. Therefore it is extremely important to remain informed of changes in consumer preferences and the latest trends. In this edition we look at research using eye-tracking technology, conducted by the University of the Free State to determine consumer preferences and trends.

Also look forward to articles on:

  • Geographical indications and Karoo lamb.
  • The lamb carcass futures contract.
  • A win-win solution for land reform.
  • The value of agricultural land.
  • South African logistics and infrastructure.
  • A Zimbabwean dam project.
  • The BFAP Baseline 2017 to 2026 report.
  • Hops farming.
  • And much much more!

In the Farmlink section you can look forward to a delicious Farm Fare recipe for marinated smoked pork ribs.

Keep an eye out for the magazine in selected retail stores or phone Rochelle Mabebe on 074 153 8380 to subscribe. Or SMS “Subscribe” and your phone number to 074 153 8380 and we will phone you back. FarmBiz is now also available as a digital magazine.

Please click here to purchase the digital version of the October edition of FarmBiz.


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