The first winter rains have started to fall and in many parts of the country we even had to deal with flooding. As the saying goes: It never rains, but it pours. However, the drought in the Western Cape and other areas continues, and is also affecting some oilseeds producers. But despite our water problems, producers are hard at work preparing the soil for their canola plantings, while in the other oilseeds branches, marketing of their product is continuing unabated. The July edition of Oilseeds Focus addresses various technical aspects relating to oilseeds production.

In this edition:

  • Soya bean SDS and fusarium
  • Canola in crop rotation systems
  • Research on nematodes in soya beans
  • Managing fall armyworm
  • Quality of the season’s soya crop
  • Quality of 2016/17 season’s sunflower crop
  • Sunflower monoculture’s days are numbered
  • High SA stock levels for soya due to imports
  • Market indicators
  • And much more!

The electronic version of Oilseeds Focus is delivered by email to role-players free of charge every semester. If you are not receiving the e-version yet and wish to receive the link by email, please send your details to so that we can include you on the distribution list.


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