Our first edition of Oilseeds Focus for 2018 is here. They year has kicked off with a bang and we are eagerly waiting to see where political changes and announcements regarding land reform are going to take us. As the drought in the Western Cape and other areas continues unabated, its effects on agriculture, notable the oilseeds industry, are far-reaching. Despite this and other challenges, the industry must press on and keep planning.

Look forward to articles on:

  • Nematode pets in South Africa
  • Gerbil control for crops
  • Weather conditions and water availability
  • Canola cultivar evaluation
  • How to choose a canola cultivar
  • Why your herbicide did not work
  • The local soya bean market
  • African economic outlook for 2018
  • Japanese visit to SA groundnut industry
  • Logistics and transport in agriculture
  • Human consumption of soya
  • Digestibility of sunflower seed meals
  • Peanuts that keep aflatoxins at bay
  • And much more!

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