Livestock farmers continuously have to plan, pre-empt and build in buffers to address possible problems. That is why every single edition of Stockfarm contains technical information that allows for easier and better planning. The February 2018 edition is jam-packed with technical information assisting farmers to plan their fodder flow, financial affairs and numerous other aspects relevant to the livestock farm.

We focus especially on which communication systems work best in a farming environment. Ultimately it would seem that there are a few factors which could sway the producer in one or other direction: Ease of use, speed and, of course, cost. A few experts did the math and in this edition, we look at the cost-effectiveness of different types of communication systems currently used on farms.

Look forward to articles on:

  • Feedback from the 86th IWTO annual Wool Round Table
  • Game meat processing and marketing
  • SA’s carbon footprint
  • A farm visit to Wicar Bovelders
  • An interview with an award-winning dairy farmer
  • A visit to the Normandy Dohne-merino stud
  • Principles of hay-making
  • Mycotoxins in feed
  • Selection methods for breeding
  • Tick control methods
  • How flies and blowflies can harm your farming enterprise
  • Business principles for farmers
  • All you need to know about tax returns
  • Identifying a farm for a land reform project


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