December is a time of reflection for livestock farmers and although things are not exactly coming to a standstill on the farm, things do tend to slow down somewhat, and producers catch up on their reading and their family time. This edition of Stockfarm is full of sound technical advice for livestock farmers who prefer to plan and perform.

Look forward to articles on:

  • Computer technology: The livestock producer’s new best friend.
  • Shearer training in the wool industry.
  • Why carbon is the core of healthy soil.
  • Economic transformation in farming.
  • Improvement of structures by farm dwellers.
  • The connection between nutrition and pulpy kidney.
  • Nutritional requirements of beef cows in the mating season.
  • Selecting for true genetic progress.
  • What you should know about sorghum forage.
  • Indigenous grasses for grazing.
  • The Australian cattle dog.
  • Flies and blowflies.
  • New technology in the dairy industry.
  • Whistling rats on Kalahari grazing.
  • And much more!

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