Although winter is not typically associated with parasite- and heat-related diseases, we live in a country and on a continent where our winters are not that extreme and where organisms have adapted and are preying on our herds throughout the year. We address biosecurity as our main feature, but we also have our usual offer of top technical articles written to assist farmers with their seasonal management issues. Notably, we address diseases and feed-related issues that must receive attention now.

Look forward to articles on:

  • How to compare milk prices.
  • Rhino horn trade.
  • Tebogo Mogashoa’s dream for the wildlife industry.
  • A visit to the FEM Dohne Merino stud.
  • Value of a good lick for beef cattle.
  • Mineral requirements of grazing animals.
  • How high density grazing can improve rangelands.
  • The nutritional value of winter greenfeed.
  • Basic guidelines for game handling facilities.
  • Selecting ‘paper cattle’ based on genetic merit.
  • Hear about our Veeplaas school herds.
  • Necessary vitamin and mineral supplements for cattle.
  • The very real threat of snotsiekte.
  • Brucellosis in the Northern Cape.
  • Layout of small-scale milking sheds.

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